Comparison Accelerated Learning /

Traditional Learning

Accelerated Learning

Traditional Learning

Being Interactive and involved

Learning is a social collaborative experience that provides support from several sources. We learn by interacting with trainers, colleagues, and the environment.

Sit and learn

A learner sits and "receives" information from the teacher.


Accelerated Learning Creates an inspired learning environment that simulates reality. Each learner nds their own connection to this environment according to what learning means to them.


Regardless to what awarding and punishment system we have, such retribution will not constitute real motivation.

Learner comes first

Trainers consider themselves as facilitators of each learner's own learning. They prepare for a healthy environment and suitable activities that help each learner to progress their own way. Focus is on learners and learning, not on what trainers know or do.

Teacher comes first

Teacher presents information and offers answers to a group of quietly seated learners.


Collaboration and social sense supports learning.


A win-or-lose attitude. To win, there must be someone who loses! This leads to negative feelings from learners towards their peers.


Facilitators focus on the learning and development of each learner, while learners themselves do the job and get involved in it.


Learners are supposed to acquire pre-prepared material. The role of trainers end with the end of the presentation.


Learning has more into it than just working with heads. It involves the whole body whole mind.

Intellectual approach

Presentation is in the form of presenting facts or information, aided by transparencies and Power Point Presentations. Learners use their heads to "memorize" what is presented.

Diversity and many learning choices

Training presents a variety of learning options, which helps each and every learner work their own way.

One size suits all

One way suits all. Teachers will always present material in one way that is supposed to suit all. Let's hope you are lucky enough to get use of it!