Application of Accelerated Learning
In your Organization

It is a project aimed at applying the principles and techniques of Accelerated Learning to all areas of your organization. Moreover, the project is divided into phases, starting with a focus on the concerned decision-makers and trainers, and the program. During the process, necessary modications may be performed… in order to expand the scope of work gradually to include the organization as a whole.



  • Encouraging the employees to love learning in the literal sense of the word.
  • Increasing the employees’ retention rate signicantly and noticeably.
  • Binding the employees to what they have learned and transferring them to the ground of reality.


  • Reducing the role of trainers in classroom to a quarter at least.
  • The employees will greatly enjoy what they are doing.
  • Spreading new ideas to inspire, motivate and fully occupy the employees.
  • Reviving learning, regardless of how boring or rigid the learning material was.
  • Attracting the attention of learners through motivational games and exercises.
  • Meeting all learning styles available in the classroom.
  • Possessing the tools that keep your organization a strong competitor in the 21st century.
  • Developing innovative tools to reduce training time and cost.
  • Applying Accelerated Learning techniques in any matter.
  • Building a positive environment motivating and occupying learners.
  • Accelerating the design-time lessons effectively.
  • Learning at least seventy techniques to improve learning.
  • Transforming the organization’s environment to be an effective learning environment.



The phase of collecting information in order to know the current situation, identify the strengths and weaknesses and identify the needs and obstacles… to know the current relationship between the organization and society… this will be through: interviewing some administrators (individually and collectively) and interviewing workers (individually).


Declaring the plan of the rst part of the project, which aims at formulating the necessary objectives and plans. This will be through: an internal meeting (between your organization’s administration and the team of the Dubai Accelerated Learning Center) to issue a working paper for the next phase, which means setting clear and enforceable objectives… then: a meeting with the employees and the administrators to tell everyone about the project.


Conducting one workshop attended only by the interested employees of your organization. Its objective is that: the employees adopt the new idea in order to implement it in the organization, while gaining the largest number of supporters of the new ideas and techniques and encouraging your trainers to use the new techniques of Accelerated Learning.


Establishing a working, follow-up and supervision plan between the organization and the team of the Dubai Accelerated Learning Center.


Implementing the working plan. By conducting the necessary workshops for employees, and the most important is the weekly assessment and follow-up during the whole project that often lasts nearly twenty weeks, which being performed by a team formed of the best trainers in the Dubai Accelerated Learning Center that make unannounced visits to the organization and assess the progress and submit weekly reports to the organization’s administration.


Assessing the organization according to Accelerated Learning standards


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