What is

Accelerated Learning

During the past twenty years, more researches on the human brain has taken place than what took place in the whole human history before that. Accelerated Learning is based on the results of these researches. Each individual has their own "Learning model", a special way in acquiring information and integrating them into one's personal experience. If you recognize this model and use techniques that harmonize with it, your learning will become spontaneous and innate.

Dr. Georgi Lozanov

(July 22, 1926 in Sofia, Bulgaria – May 6, 2012 in Sliven, Bulgaria)


was a Bulgarian educator and psychiatrist who developed suggestopedia/suggestopaedia, a learning/teaching theory based on his early-1960s study of suggestion which is called as "suggestology".


Lozanov's theory and practice triggered an accelerated learning movement in the West, where various techniques not originally included in the Lozanov's theory were introduced. Such techniques included elements such as breathing, visualization and biofeedback. In present days there is a school in Sliven dedicated to preparing teachers for using suggestopaedia during lections in order to improve the learning speed of pupils.