Rapid Designer

What is “Rapid Designer”?

“Rapid Designer” provides you with a set of learning activities comprising over 400 activities, which are adjustable to suit your learning program while ensuring you achieve the results you desire. It is a set of integrated components that help you to build an integrated learning program, from the phase of initial ideas to the final version. Moreover, not only does it help you to accelerate and enhance the design process, it also helps you to make the learning process a success.
The “Rapid Designer” program guarantees that the session you are designing achieves the Accelerated Learning standards, by assessing the session automatically. In fact, after each assessment it gives you printable reports showing you the strengths and weaknesses, and all of this quickly and at any time you want during the design.

Why use “Rapid Designer”?

Simplifying the design:

The “Rapid Designer” program tends to be as simple as possible. Its objective is based on making the design process light, fast and full of fun and pleasure, in addition to producing excellent results in learning. It also focuses on activities not presentations or learning materials. Of course, you may need some presentations and materials, but you will only need them as support for activities that help the learners totally get into the learning process creatively.

In short, the “Rapid Designer” program aims to:

Help learners fully
get into learning

Guarantee that
each session you design
achieves Accelerated
Learning standards

Improve and
enhance learning

Make the design
process fun

Meet all
learners’ styles

Design speed

“Rapid Designer” will make your designs light and fun while distancing your learners from silence and lack of learning, which traditional design makes them feel. In fact, it focuses on the importance of what the learner says, does and thinks more than his focusing on what the teacher says or does, therefore your designs will be mainly based on encouraging the learners to say, think and do.

Wait… you do not need to provide learners with everything, such as manuals or learning materials and presentations. Rather, you can provide them with fun and efficient activities. This will save you a lot of time and money in the design process, and because it helps the learners fully get engaged in the learning process, the learning results will be much better than before.

What does “Rapid Designer” include?

More than 400 learning activities

They are classified according to the four phases of the learning process and are designed to suit your learning program easily, and they even can be adjusted upon necessity to suit your program in a better way. Each activity includes the name of the activity, a summary of it, an image expressing it, detailed steps explaining it and the necessary time and materials to achieve it. These activities are included in the four activity manuals, as well as in the “Rapid Designer” program.

Computer software

to design the sessions and assess them according to Accelerated Learning standards.

Training materials

that are adjustable and which you can use in your sessions’ design.

The four-phase module

The “Rapid Designer” program relies in its work on the four phases of the natural learning process, and committing to this process will help you achieve efficient results. These phases are: the Connection phase, the Presentation phase, the Exercising phase and the Consolidation phase. For further information regarding these phases, you can consult the book “Accelerated Learning”.

The eight-step Rapid Design process

It is a fast and easy process to use, and all the guidelines facilitating the process are available inside “Rapid Designer”.

Tools for the design assessment

You will find checklists that help you assess the design according to Accelerated Learning standards; in addition to the various printable reports of “Rapid Designer” that provide you with an accurate assessment on the proportions of learners styles that have been addressed, the proportion of activeness to passiveness, and the proportion of the teacher’s role to the learner’s role, etc.

Design modules

The program includes the book “design modules” in addition to designs presented by certified trainers in Accelerated Learning. By reviewing it, you will see how it has taken advantage of the “Rapid Designer” program in designing various and different training programs. You can get ideas from this book that will help you design your learning program.

Telephone support

for one year that helps you to master the “Rapid Designer” program.

“Rapid Designer” components:

  • Rapid Designer book (electronic)
  • “Rapid Designer” program (CD)
  • Design modules book (electronic)
  • Connection activities book.
  • Presentation activities books.
  • Exercising activities book.
  • Consolidation activities book.
  • Learning frameworks book.


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