Accelerated Learning



Learning and Teaching without Prejudgements

When a child wants to try anything new, he would not have a prejudgement.


Learning must done with the way the brain works

A child doesn’t learn the alphabet rst, then words and sentences, he does the opposite.

Learners learn what they want to learn

When a child nds himself overwhelmed by information, he chooses what interests him, so he learns his language smoothly that no one could feel it.

Learning is a social experience

When a child gets involved in playing with a group of his consorts, learns more than when he is alone.

People learn best in context

How can we teach a child to swim, without getting him to swim? And how can we teach him to draw, without letting him draw?

Getting learners involved enhances learning

When a child is interested in something, he puts an effort to interact with it, he could even burst into crying to reach it.

Positive Feelings Improve Learning

Does the child learn by being strictly serious or by plaing and being active?

Honesty, Honesty, Honesty

While the child is being honest at birth, he expects everyone to be honest, which makes him trust most of what he gets from his environment, and this accelerates his learning.